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Nurses form the largest community at Aster DM Healthcare. Nursing is a key driving force behind our Aster Vision – “A Caring Mission with a Global Vision to serve the world with Accessible & Affordable Quality Healthcare”. At Aster DM Healthcare, we take pride in providing a plethora of opportunities to our nurses, be it via job movements across countries, on-the-job experience across-departments/functions, upskilling & learning opportunities, through certification trainings & a structured career progression approach across the group. Our aim is to enable & empower our nurses to be the best at what they do & to ensure they feel supported & engaged at every stage of their employment cycle. If you want to work in an environment that is interesting, rewarding & challenging, then a career in nursing at Aster, will give you plenty of scope to do exactly that.


Transitioning from a student to a professional nurse can be challenging. Aster DM Healthcare helps recent graduates make the leap with a full-time nursing role that provides hands-on clinical experience, develop critical thinking skills, & consolidate the fundamentals of becoming a nurse. At Aster, you’ll get the opportunity to work with a community of experienced nurses who will help you build a foundation for your career. We have worked hard to ensure new nurses have what they want & need for a successful nursing career


We believe that nurses are the differentiator for Aster DM Healthcare, & we're committed to providing them the education, resources & support they need to deliver excellence in care. Whether you prefer the idea of rotating around different specialties or carving your niche in a fixed single specialty position, we offer you continuous development support to meet your career aspirations.


At Aster we seek clinical leaders who possess clinical expertise & who use interpersonal skills to enable nurses & other health care providers to deliver excellence in patient care. Nursing leaders need to be experts in their field, inspiring communicators, great people leaders, & empowered decision makers. They should be able to provide a vision, support others, provide guidance to patients & their families, & drive change by enhancing our service excellence standards.




Aster provides its internal nursing staff opportunities to transfer to any of its facilities across the different countries it is present in. Aster currently operates out of six countries – India, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. To view all our facilities, please follow this link: ‘Global Network’.


Asterian nurses are provided full support & guidance should they wish to move internally between different Aster facilities.


We guide Asterian nurses with acquiring local regulatory licenses for the State/Region they are applying to, provided they meet all of the job criteria.




United Kingdom & other Countries apart from internal transfers within different Aster facilities, Asterian nurses are also able to relocate to the UK & other countries through partnership agreements between Aster DM Healthcare and prominent medical institutions located overseas. Asterian nurses are able to enroll into a Global Learners Program, whereas they can relocate overseas for a period of three years to gain work experience & upskill themselves in advanced healthcare systems and return to Aster DM Healthcare. The key benefits of enrolling in such a program are:

  • Advanced nursing skills gained in reputed healthcare systems
  • Gain specialty specific nursing capabilities
  • Gain additional certifications through Personal Development Plan
  • Earning in international currency
  • Wider exposure due to travel & experience of living abroad
  • Exposure to different cultures & ways of working
  • Return to Aster DM Healthcare as a valuable nursing resource – faster career progression


At Aster, we consider our nurses to be a very valuable asset whose skills & experience needs to be continuously honed to provide unmatched patient care experience to our customers.


At Aster, nurses have the option to develop in their chosen areas of expertise. For every individual temperament and personality exists a nursing specialty at Aster. Nurses have the option of working at hospitals, clinics, physician’s office, outpatient settings, and in many other specialty roles.


At Aster, there are no boundaries for a nurse to pursue a career in her chosen area of specialty as there are limitless opportunities available to a nurse.


Below are just a few examples of the specialties and niches available to nurses at Aster DM Healthcare.

Critical Care Specialization


Cardiac, Neuro, Obstetrics



Clinical Specialization

Wound Care

Diabetic Nurse

Lactation Consultant

Colostomy Care Nurse

Infusion Nurse

Foot & Limb Coordinator

Other Specializations

Infection Control

Nurse Clinical Education

Quality Nurse

Clinical Informatics

We also support nurses to explore a career outside nursing across business operations and functions. At Aster, nursing staff have the option to venture into non-bedside nursing roles. Typically, these jobs require at least a few years of hands-on, clinical nursing experience. Non-bedside roles will not be as "hands-on" as direct patient care and are more likely to be within management or administrative capacities. Few examples of alternate career roles are listed below.


Unit in Charge

Operations Manager

Hospital Administrator


Insurance Executive

Insurance Coordinator

Insurance Coder


Medical Quality

Service Excellence

Human Resources

Depending upon your career aspirations, nurses can progress:

  • Vertically by moving up levels/designations. From being a Nursing Assistant to a Nurse Practitioner to a Nursing Manager to a Chief Nursing Officer
  • Horizontally across Business/Functions to explore roles outside nursing. It caters to the aspirations of nurses who want to explore a career beyond nursing.



For Middle East, all nurses and allied health professionals are required to be licensed by relevant health authorities and to maintain an unrestricted home country license. Our recruitment teams will assist in the licensure application process. Nurses from some English-speaking countries are exempt from taking the licensure examination. The recruitment process at Aster DM Healthcare starts with your online application by following this link – Explore Careers.

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to participate in a screening & assessment process which consists of:

  • Initial screening & assessment
  • Written English test
  • Competency-based panel/individual interview


Please note that the duration of the process will depend on your success at each stage of the assessment.


Our benefits package has been customized specifically for our nurses. As highly educated professionals, you go above and beyond to care for your patients, their families and the communities you serve. We are committed to investing in your education and giving you extra support where and when you need it.



In addition to being part of an international & diverse clinical team, nurses and allied health professionals receive subsidized accommodation and transportation, annual flight tickets per annum, health & life insurance, end of term gratuity & annual leave as per respective labour laws.



In addition to a competitive salary, nurses in India are entitled to the following:

  • Insurance: Personal accident, Mediclaim & Life-term insurance for self and first family 
  • Social Security Measures: Provident fund, employee state insurance, gratuity, statutory bonus, leave & public holidays as per the Act
  • Other Benefits: Hostel accommodation, transport facilities, discount on hospital services - for self & family, and discounted meals at cafes’ within Aster premises

To deliver the excellent care, patients deserve, Aster DM Healthcare supports its nurses in their practice through effective & accessible clinical education. Since we are a learning health system, we offer nurses assistance in their professional development.

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Certification Assistance
  • Aster Academy



Aster Academy is an independent education institution whose purpose is to enable professionals to attain the necessary industry qualifications, learning & training courses to excel in their chosen career paths. Aster Academy caters to professionals across varied departments & functions that covers both clinical (physicians, nurses, allied health staff) & non-clinical functions (HR, finance, procurement, IT, etc).


Within clinical, one of the areas of focus is catering to the Nursing population. Whether you are an aspiring or an experienced nurse, Aster Academy will provide you with the required tools, qualifications & confidence (through learning programs) that will help you to fulfill your own expectations. Sometimes we all need a little extra help — support to attain the required level, direction in preparing for formal qualifications, or the vision & guidance to take that leap & bring it to its fullest potential. This is where the Aster Academy comes in.


Aster Academy is a place for nurses to enhance their education, experience encouragement, & discover enthusiasm for the art & practice of nursing. Its aim is to support continuing professional capability development for all nurses across healthcare institutions to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our population.


Aster Academy achieves this by:

  • Articulating competencies required for evolving nurses and accordingly developing training roadmaps
  • Accrediting workplace-based nursing programs and courses to ensure they are of consistent quality and recognized internationally
  • Building workplace-based nursing education capabilities


For nurses, these courses will help to grow their clinical skills and knowledge in areas which they want to further develop. Aster Academy will also support nurses by offering Leadership/Management Development programs including enabling nurses to obtain Business Operation, Insurance, and Service Excellence certifications.


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