Aster DM WIMS, India



DM Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences (DM WIMS) aims to be among the top 10 teaching medical institutions in India by 2025. With state-of the-art infrastructure and excellent faculty, we aim to bring together- learning and healing, in a serene, eco-friendly campus.



The key objectives of DM Education and Research Foundation Trust are:

  • To promote education and provide quality health care.
  • To establish, manage, operate and run educational institutions for imparting scientific knowledge, skill development, medical service and its management.
  • To develop courses of study in allied branches, higher education and research.
  • To establish and maintain tertiary hospitals, primary health centers, welfare centers and other such institutions, especially in socially and educationally backward districts in Kerala state or at other places in India.



  • Quality Healthcare at Affordable Cost.
  • Medical Education concomitant with Nature.
  • Improving Health Infrastructure of the Region.
  • Become one among the top 10 Medical Academic Institutions in the country within 10 years.