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Backing Entrepreneurs building the future of healthcare

XHealth Innovation Labs is India’s first accelerator and incubator program to offer hospital immersion module as part of core structure. Using 12 week virtual & on-campus cohort programme structure, the newly introduced healthcare innovation labs will invest in early-stage healthcare and med-tech starts-ups which are at the very intersection of science, diagnostics, bigdata & deep machine learning.

How Xhealth Innovation Labs Helps You

Every XHealth company gains access to XHealth’s global platform, which includes three integrated growth engines: community, capital and amplification.

Xhealth Innovation Labs Investment Process

We invest in people, not companies. That’s why our process for evaluating investment opportunities always starts with a conversation. We take the time to understand what makes an entrepreneur or investor tick, and use a dynamic algorithm based off of three proprietary scorecards to assess their mindset and moonshot vision.

Xhealth Innovation Core Focus Categories

We define Digital Health as a wide range of sectors: mHealth, Home Care, Remote Patient Monitoring and Care, Healthcare IT, Monitoring devices, I.o.T, Tele-health, Big Data, Image Processing and more – and our strategic focus is on Digital Medicine and Therapeutics. We define medical diagnostics & ai as the range of sectors: lab on a chip, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, big data, deep machine learning, labs & diagnostics.



We understand this and available to support you with our capital, network and access to markets.

Healthcare is complex, and building a successful company in the healthcare industry takes more than a great idea. At Xhealth, we seek to help healthcare entrepreneurs by giving them mentorship, guidance, and support to help them develop and scale innovative companies. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the next generation of companies who will transform care at Xhealth Innovation Labs and beyond. There is no better way to navigate the complexities of working in healthcare than to get hands-on experience in an active health system environment. By spending three months embedded in a large medical center, companies we work with gain a deeper understanding of the context and environment of their potential customers.

Our curated mentorship driven programs and structured investment platform fuels your healthcare start-up


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