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Message on International Women’s Day, 2021

Ms Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare shares her message on International Women's Day...

Message on International Women’s Day, 2021

As we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for all women out there who have been nothing less than warriors. Especially, in the past one year, from managing various roles, like being a mother, sister or a daughter to balancing jobs and careers while working from home, we have come a long way where women are no longer simply accepting roles assigned to them but are challenging the status-quo, getting their voices heard and bringing about changes that matter.

The COVID – 19 pandemic has disrupted our routine and pushed us out of our comfort zones to do things that we probably did not expect. A lot of us have had to adapt to a new adjusted lifestyle juggling family and work within the four walls of our homes, to learning to use new technologies, to adjusting to situations beyond our expectations. However, this breaking out of the safe spaces leads to an environment of learning and this is the message I would like to communicate to you all. Ladies, do not ever think that you are not ready for a new challenge or there is something out there you cannot do. Instead, think of it in a way that you will soon be ready to take up new challenges and what is it that you can do to be more prepared. Gone are the days where we restricted ourselves within our comfort zones, it is time to move ahead and better ourselves everyday by fearlessly asking for help and support for our own growth and progress.

Lastly, I would once again like to thank each one of you for the tremendous roles that you fulfill. We are an inspiration for one another and together we all are an integral part of the growth and development of our society.

 - Ms. Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare